Have you just spent weeks, if not months or years, of your life committing your thoughts to paper? Are you cross-eyed from staring at the page for hours, looking at the words that seem to rattle in your head, convincing you that it’s all crap? Not sure if you know your their, there or they’re apart from each other? Do you need someone to fix your spelling, grammar and style?

You’ve come to the right place!

We’re here to help you with all your proofreading, editing and beta-reading needs. 

Good Karma is not your average editing service.

Academic Writing Assistance

Proofreading and editing of assignments, proposals, theses, journal articles and presentations.

Creative Writing Assistance

Proofreading and editing of manuscripts for novels, novellas, short stories and flash fiction. Educated beta-reading to help with identifying weaknesses, strengths and plot holes while also providing feedback regarding proposed changes from a reader’s perspective.

Corporate Communication Assistance

Proofreading and editing of newsletters, emails, newspaper articles, presentations, flyers, speeches, etc.

Hi, I’m Marina

Freelance proofreader, editor and author


As an author, I know that having your manuscript professionally proofread and edited makes the difference between being seen as an amateur and a professional. Everyone needs a little help every now and then. 

That is where I come in. I obtained my Bachelors Degree in English Language and Literature in 2013 from the University of South Africa (Unisa) and completed a course in Proofreading & Editing through the SA Writer’s College in 2017. 

Allow me to work with you to create the best possible piece of writing that will make a powerful impression.